Rich Gilbert

Bio: Richard Gilbert is a business journalist with more than seven years experience, who launched Fishbellyblues.com in October 2014, as a “brand” name for online blues journalism. Fishbellyblues.com encourages people to “Enrich your life through a love of Blues Music.” In his spare time Richard writes insightful stories on blues news, business, events, shows, album reviews and profiles. The blues news is backed-up by in-depth profiles and features on inspirational figures in blues history.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. thomas

    Is Fishbelly still alive and performing? Just listened to my first song by him and I loved it. Would love to hear him live! Thomas


    • Hello Thomas,

      I am sorry I can’t answer your question. The name of this blog is fishbelly blues, which is a name for a brand of blues journalism. This is actually a nickname my wife gave me, which come from a term used in Trinidad. I was not aware of any blues performer with this name, except myself.



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